What is the Christian Word Trust?

The Christian Word Trust was registered with The Charity Commission on 1st April 1986. The Charity Trust Deed, No 518003, states the object of the Trust as “to advance the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Town of Redditch and in the surrounding area”.

Since Registration this objective has been consistently achieved in three ways:

(a) by providing a source of good quality, relevant Christian material to the public at an easily accessible outlet within the town centre;


(b) by distributing the funds raised from the sale of items in the Shop, to organisations and individuals, to support specifically local people via various Christian school, youth outreach work and other Christian projects involving young people in Redditch and the immediate surrounding area


(c) by providing a personal Christian presence within the St Stephen’s Church building in Redditch Town Centre throughout the week, as a resource for the people of the town to use as they find necessary either directly or by way of referral.

The Trust is managed by five Trustees, who are all members of various churches in the area around Redditch. The Trustees normally meet twice per year in January and July to consider applications for funding. The Trustees may also consider applications received between their regular meetings.

If you wish to apply for funding for a project in which you are involved and you consider that it falls within the broad category outlined in (b) above, please write to “The Trustees” at the address given on the “Contact us” page.

Please include complete details of your project including the sponsoring organisation, the timescales involved, the full funding requirement, the total level of funding expected to be achieved from other sources, including the participants own contribution, and the sum requested from the Trust.