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Currently we don’t have an online shopping experience for you, but then Amazon doesn’t have a local shop you can pop in to either!  If you can’t get in to the Shop we’ll happily take orders over the phone or by email.  To order by email just click the email link below and give us as much detail as you can. We’ll acknowledge your order by email and contact you again when your item is available for collection from the shop. We always try hard to stock any and all items of a Christian nature which our customers would find attractive, useful and which you will buy! If you have any suggestions about further items you’d like us to stock do please zip an email off to us! Here’s an email link.

Here’s just a taste of our stock!

Bibles We normally have a good selection of Bibles including but not limited to the following versions: New International Version, New Living Translation, Youth Bibles, Waterproof Bibles (for the beach!), The Good News, The New American Standard, The Message, The Jerusalem Bible, The Authorised Version, Interlinear and other language Bibles. We also keep a selection of Bible Cases.

Greeting Cards We have a large stock of greeting cards for all occasions including Birth, Dedication, Christening, Baptism, Birthday (including all relations, Pastor, Friend etc., etc. and ages from 1 to 100!), Wedding Anniversary, Get Well, Bereavement, Sympathy, Thinking of you, Praying for you, Ordination, Ordination Anniversary and Blank cards for your own special message. All our greeting cards carry a Bible quotation and are very competitively priced.

Sunday School Teaching Material Many churches in the area order their Sunday School teaching materials in advance from the Shop and we hold them until they are ready to collect them. We operate an invoice system so, if you wish you can collect your materials and hand the invoice to your treasurer for payment by either cash, cheque or bank transfer!

Children’s Items Including Pop-up books, Board Books for babies, Colouring and Drawing Books, Picture Bibles and Story Bibles for Toddlers to Teens, Picture Books, Prayer Books, Story Books. We also stock a range of VegeTales DVD’s and supporting materials.

Music We have CD’s of most of the major and some of the less well known modern Christian bands and singers as well as instrumental and worship music. We have a small stock of written music. We’re always open to suggestions as to what’s best to stock – if you’d like us to get it in – let us know! Here’s another email link.

Christian Books We try to keep a wide cross section of the more popular books including biography and autobiography, Christian life and witness, novels, romance, poetry, humour and gift books. We also have Bible studies, dictionaries and concordances, monthly magazines and all of the current Alpha books and materials. This is an area where we could lose out to the major online sellers, but hey – look – no P&P charges! Give us a try! Yet another email link.

Giftware We always try to keep a large stock of gift ideas including figurines, crosses and crucifix’s, framed and unframed pictures, jewellery, glass and pottery, and a large range of lapel pins, badges, brooches and necklaces, etc. etc. etc!

Daily Reading Books Including monthly and bi-monthly editions such as Every Day With Jesus, The Upper Room, Daily Bread, Daily Light and New Daylight, as well as Annual books of daily readings. We operate a Regular Order scheme whereby you may order a Daily Reading and collect it from us at cover price – with no postage charges!

In keeping with the Trust’s ecumenical and non-denominational ethos the Shop stocks a wide range of items from across the Christian spectrum. Individuals often attach great importance to all sorts of items within their own distinct walk with God and our aim is to try to cater for all Christian tastes and to try to discriminate against none. As a result of this stance you may find certain items amongst the stock displayed which you think should not be there, and so we would ask for your loving forbearance and understanding on those occasions!